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Learners Test – 6 Tips That Will Assist In Passing Your Learners Test

Driving can be nerve-racking especially if you are still in the process of learning. If you want to pass your learners test knowing how to drive is not enough. You should understand each rule in driving, why you need to follow them and how to apply them in real life. This is the only way you can take the RTA learners permit test and pass it.Learners-Test

First time test takers are usually nervous, well that’s fairly understandable. However, getting nervous during your test will not help you out. It would only make your performance poor no matter how much you know about driving. That is the difference between knowing how to drive and understanding how to do it. Below are some reasons why you need to understand how to drive in order to pass your learners permit test.

You Won’t Forget A Thing During Your RTA Learners Exam

No matter how well you memorised everything you need to know about driving if you don’t understand it, you will forget it. Why? Because most often than not, test takers get nervous. When you get nervous you tend to forget things. However, if you understand how to do it you will not forget a thing.

You see, there’s a big difference from just merely memorising than understanding how to drive. You get better chances of passing your permit test as there can be questions that are situational. It is not always a yes or no type or identification type of question.

Practise Makes Perfect

There is no better way to pass any kind of test but through practise. You can always find online learners permit test. This is a good way to check your knowledge about driving and making sure you pass the test. There are several questions available online that are somehow similar to the questions you will find when you take the Vicroads learners exam.

Practising can also help you comprehend driving better. The more you practise the more lessons you will learn from your mistakes. This is a good way to avoid making any mistake during the actual test.

Pass The First Time You Take Permit Practise Tests

Doesn’t it feel good to always pass your permit practise test the first time you take it? Most test takers fail to pass their learner’s permit test the first time around. This is because they do not fully understand the importance of driving. They only know the signs, their uses but not the significance of each.

When learning how to drive it is not enough to simply know every car part and how to use it. You should understand how things work and how to deal with them when your car breaks down. Questions like that can appear in your learners test.

Quickly Learning the Rules Of the Road

There are questions that will test your visual memory as well. Road sign tests! Although these road signs can be as simple as ABC, understanding their importance and use can be very helpful. This is not only useful during your exam but also helps you during your driving, even after passing the permit test.

You will never know when you will see these road signs and it pays to be alert when you see warning signs. This could save you from a lot of trouble in the future. A chance of of accident will also be lessened if you know the rules of the road.

Avoid Paying For Learner’s Permit Test Package

Since getting your driver’s permit is one of the highlights in your life, you will do everything just to get it. Some even purchase practise test packages just to make sure they will not fail their learners permit test. However, these test packages can be expensive and sometimes not even worth it. All the information you need can be downloaded from the RTA website. Read this article for further information on the downloadable driver education books.

However, if you know driving by heart, there is no need to purchase these books. It will only be an extra expense for you. Besides you can always get free question to practise online. It is not like you will be taking this test every year, so why spend your money on it. Save that money for your driving lessons instead!

Ace your RTA Learners Permit Practise Test

Isn’t it great to ace your practise tests? If you have a better understanding about driving, you can be sure to get a high score during your practise permit tests. And if you get a passing score during practise test, you will have more confidence on your actual RTA test when you go for your P plates.

You Enjoy The Entire Duration of Your Driving Lessons

Learning how to drive should be a fun and exciting experience. It should not be something to be afraid of. We all know how tiring and how boring it can be to memorise things. But if you understand the importance of driving, you will not need to memorise a thing.

It would be more enjoyable to learn through actual driving. Just be sure you have a professional driver with you in case things do not turn out as planned. You can even try out new things and learn through your own experience.

Now you know the importance of understanding how to drive and how it will help you pass your learners permit test. Remember that understanding is far different from just knowing how to drive. So, if you want to pass your driver’s permit test keep these things in mind and you will do great.

Next, you will want to book your driving lessons with your local driving instructor. Head back to the front page to learn more about how we can help you find the cheapest lessons across Australia and win yourself an iPad 2 in the process!

Driving School Prices – How Much Should I Pay For Driving Lessons

The cost of sending your child to a driving school will vary depending on quite a few circumstances. Some are within your control while others are not. Read on to find out more about what influences the cost of lessons and how you can grab a bargain regardless of where you’re from.

Prices are often influenced by location and generally speaking, some areas of Australia with high population levels (such as Sydney or Melbourne) have increased competition amongst driving schools and therefore, cheaper pricing.

Also be careful with the public holiday rates. Always ask before choosing your driving instructors. Some instructors my charge ridiculous amount on public holidays due to many people normally don’t work on that day.

That’s great if you live in the city but what if you don’t? Just because you live in a regional area of Australia doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be paying top dollar for your driving lessons but you may find choice to be somewhat limited. Location can be a big influence on driving school prices but for most of us, where we live is out of our control but it won’t stop you from shopping around and comparing multiple schools.Driving-School-Prices

The cost of driving tuition begins at roughly $30 per hour on the lower end all the way up to $90-$100 per lesson with larger, more established schools. For price comparison check out: http://www.drivingschoolguide.com.au. You’ll find a combination of great schools with cheap prices and bad instructors with high costs all in between this. Finding an instructor who is reasonable on costs and a great teacher can be a little stressful for some people. Fortunately, all the driving schools listed on our website are reputable and great value for your money.

If you love a bargain and want to save money on your driving lessons, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount or a package deal. Many driving schools run promotions such as discounted lessons when purchased in bulk, first lesson free or a first pass guarantee so that if you fail, the second attempt won’t cost you anything extra. These are just of some of the ways you can reduce driving school prices for yourself, your children or anyone else who needs instruction.

With the recent popularity of services such as Facebook and Twitter, many driving schools are jumping online and getting involved in social media and running special promotions to entice customers. This includes free lessons and steep discounts. This is a great way to engage with business owners in your local area and provide feedback and leave reviews about your experiences for other people to read. Some driving schools offer competitions where all you need to do to enter is “Like” their fan page.

Driving school prices should not be the only factor when deciding which instructor you should pick but it’s hard to ignore price. Instead of opting for the cheapest, use the suggested advice above to grab yourself a bargain!

Best Driving School

Finding the best driving school need not be a difficult process provided you understand what criteria to search for in a driving instructor. Unsure what that might be? Read on and together we will explore what things to look for and consider when searching for driving lessons for your children.Best-Driving-School

First up, the cost of lessons shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when choosing a school. With so many accidents involving young people, you might want to look at the cost of instruction as an investment in your child’s driving skills.

The better educated they are, the better equipped they are to deal with anything that might confront them on Australian streets, roads and highways. Although the most expensive school may not necessarily be the best, there is a direct relationship between the cost and quality of tuition.

TIP – If you’re on a budget, consider purchasing your driving lessons in bulk. Many driving schools have various specials, so ensure you ask them about what discounts are on offer.

Next, check out their website. While it won’t give you the full story, it’ll give you a pretty good idea if it’s the best driving school for your teenager. Some driving school websites have pictures of the instructors as well as video testimonials. This will give you a bit more insight into the school before booking your lessons.

TIP – Look for driving schools that clearly display their contact details and are simple to find. Fly-by-nighters rarely do this as they don’t want you to chase them!

Don’t forget that customer service begins the moment you engage with the driving school and not just when the lessons start. The best driving schools understand this and will be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to booking your driving lessons. It’s often the case that many businesses have a Facebook page to answer any questions people have.

TIP – Why not have a quick search for their business name on Facebook. If you find they have a page, spend a few moments examining how they engage with their customers. This can be a clear indication whether or not it’s the best driving school for your family.
As you can see, there are many ways to ensure the driving lessons your child undertakes is done so with the very best driving school available to them!




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